Tuesday, September 21, 2010


hey kids-
well, the patriots lost, and i'm not gonna lie. they totally deserved it. it felt like deja vu watching our second-half collapse on the road, and watching it happen against the the jets simply added insult to injury. i hate the jets. i hate their stupid fat coach and their stupid new stadium and their stupid ugly uniforms. and i really, really hate losing to the stupid freaking jets. 

apparently, tommy hates losing to the jets, too, and he was pretty expressive about it in his postgame press conference. our fearless quarterback certainly contributed to this loss with two interceptions, and a leadership strategy that primarily involved scowling on the sidelines didn't do much to rally the team. then again, if i got outplayed by mark sanchez, my face might look like this, too - and, in fact, it probably did. even so, let's try a different strategy next week, tommy.

while there weren't many highlights, randy moss' spectacular one-handed grab in the end zone was definitely the finest of the few. not only did he beat mouthy darrelle revis to pull this down, but it was also his 150th career touchdown reception, putting him in the company of just three other players. pretty impressive, and certainly worthy of this week's tommy. believe it or not, this incredible picture doesn't even do it justice. truly extraordinary, randy moss. 

randy wasn't the only one outrunning revis during this game. after an ugly helmet hit that left wes clutching his head, followed by a few concussion tests that would have made me laugh had i been able to breathe, he ran right back out on the field and racked up six catches and another touchdown. reliability is just one of the reasons i heart wes welker, as is his sense of sportsmanship. he here is, waving at revis as he runs by. what a friendly guy!

our division play continues this sunday against the bills, and we'll need the win before we head to miami to take on the division leading dolphins. nope, that's not a typo, and yup, it's a puzzler to me, too. think happy patriots thoughts, and have a great week.

love dav


  1. i hate the jets too...it must be a 'pats fan' thing

  2. Dav, it was a tough site to watch for those of us at The Buccaneer. Well, at least we know it's not going to be an undefeated year. Right?