Thursday, October 17, 2013


hey kids-
rumors of tom brady’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.
the patriots rebounded beautifully after last week, not only winning – but doing so in thrillingly dramatic fashion!  it was a wild and rowdy game on sunday, made all the better by my wild and rowdy friends in new york. our fearless quarterback is still throwing more passes than should be necessary to accumulate 269 yards, but he’s finding ways to make it work with an offense that’s maybe starting to come together. even drew brees was impressed!

i heard it said often this week that the patriots won another game that they didn’t deserve, but i strongly disagree. our offense sent us into the locker room with a lead, and our defense kept the NFL’s most productive receiver catchless and stopped drew brees from being drew brees all day long. tom brady is hardly ever tom brady this season, and the saints defense couldn’t even stop him from being tom brady for 75 seconds! it took everything from ridley’s two ground scores to gostkowski’s 54 yarder to keep this game within reach, but when time ticked down to 1:13, this was the tom brady show. with his trademark leadership, competitiveness and general roguish charm, tommy stayed cool and stepped up and reminded us all that he’s still got a little magic left in those fingertips. for that (and for saving my new york vacation!) he gets this week’s totw. damn, tommy. that was something else.

we take on the jets next week, and after putting up with all those stupid jets fans all sunday long, i’m hoping for a blowout (though we all know i’d happily take a win any way we can get one)! i’m also realllllly hoping this one isn’t as boring as our last jets matchup. think your happy patriots thoughts for A and C, and have a great week!
go pats!

love dav

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