Monday, September 30, 2013


holy crap kids! the patriots are 4-0!
it was an exciting game down in atlanta on sunday night – and not just because the falcons made a dramatic comeback right at the end of the game that stopped the hearts of patriots fans everywhere. our boys held their own as they continued to improve offensively and perform defensively, passing the first big test in a season with many more to come. exciting indeed!
our fearless quarterback looked both fearless and fantastic on sunday night as he racked up a season high 316 yards and two touchdown passes, still without his two most dangerous weapons. for a one man show, you’ve got some pretty smooth moves, tommy!

in the absence of, well, pretty much everyone, it’s been a thrill to watch solid and steady julian edelman turn into a shining star on the patriots receiving corps. i had all but given the tommy to julian until dad suggested that maybe it should go to tom brady. duh! if anyone earned the totw last night, it was definitely its namesake. even as another receiver staggered off the field with injuries, tommy put up his best performance so far this year – underscored with an astonishing pass threaded between two of atlanta’s probowl defenders into the hands of tight end matthew mulligan...who i didn’t even know was on our team. it kinda makes you think tommy could win passing to anyone. in fact, here he is recruiting a new receiver for next week!

we’re back on sunday morning against the bengals, which i’ll be back on sunday morning with bloody marys. raise your glass and cheer like you mean it, and hopefully we’ll all be this happy next monday, too!
have a great week, and go pats!

love dav

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