Saturday, January 14, 2012


hey kids-
every season , there’s one totw that arrives on the morning of the next week’s game – and this is it. let’s do this!
after all was said and done last weekend, the denver broncos emerged as the patriots’ first opponent, and it’s good news for two reasons: we quite recently beat the broncos handily – and while we were in a similar position with the jets last year and lost that first playoff game, i feel cautiously optimistic about our chances against a quarterback with way more hype than actual playoff experience. secondly, the steelers always try to kill our players, literally, and any time we can avoid that, it’s a good thing. tom brady agrees, and he was so happy, he was skipping with glee!

wes decided to grow his mustache again for the playoffs, and while i heart him, because i hate it! i hear gronkowski is also getting in on the action- so stay tuned. this could turn into the i heart aaron hernandez at any moment!

sometimes, a clear tommy-of-the-bye recipient emerges, but no one did, so i almost awarded it to our fearless quarterback by default. however, i realized while writing this that i’m really excited about tonight’s game.  in spite of our 13-3 record, i’ve watched this team struggle all season and have often thought this just isn’t our year...but now, it really feels like anything could happen. so, i hearby award the tommy-of-the-bye to the 2011 new england patriots – for driving me crazy all season long but giving me hope in january (when it counts!).

i know you’ve been practicing your happy patriots thoughts all week – but let’s put in one final push before tonight. i shouldn’t have to remind you that a win equals more games, which equals more totws!
have a great day, and go pats!
love dav

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