Friday, October 19, 2012


hey kids-

this is going to be the hardest the tommy of the week has ever been for me to write, and not because our patriots lost (which supersucks). sunday marked day four of my trip to new york – or day four of the vacation of perpetual intoxication, as it shall heretofore be known.  the only way im even writing this (on the plane, probably over iowa) is courtesy of an in-flight margarita. thanks dad!

so, from what i remember (quarters one through three and a half), our fearless quarterback looked pretty good right up to the point i started seeing three of him.  i think that’s the point at which he started seeing three of all of our receivers (i heard there was a helmet-to-helmet, but didn’t see it) and subsequently started throwing interceptions. seeing as how he had 395 yards and two touchdowns, it really seems like we should have won this game. it also seems like a girl who’s 5’4 shouldn’t be able to drink six shots and 47 beers. life is a mystery, tommy.

the highlight of this game as i remember it was definitely the reappearance of aaron hernandez – who promptly reminded us why we missed him with an awesome touchdown catch that prominently featured all his lovely tattoos. dreamy sigh. make it rain, baby. (hear that wes? i dreamy sighed over aaron hernadez. yeah. you heard it. sign your contract!)

i actually did watch this game right up until the very end, but i have no idea who should get the tommy of the week. i really don’t know how we lost this game, and i’m kind of just mad at all the patriots – even the cute ones – for allowing that to happen. so, i’m giving the tommy of the week to my friend rob. granted, he is the one responsible for my drunken condition, but all things considered, it was probably for the best, given the way that game ended. also, he did catch me when i almost fell down after that second interception. thanks, rob!

it feels like we’re giving it away this season, and i don't know what it's going to take to make our patriots hungry again. i really thought we looked great sunday until the implosion, and i know i’m superspoiled by these last few 13-3 seasons, so maybe a slow start isn’t the end of the world. still, the jets come to town on sunday, and i dont know that we can recover from 3-4, so start thinking happy patriots thoughts – and throw in a few happy dav thoughts, too, since recovering from this hangover will be at least as challenging as recovering from this loss.

have a great week, and go pats.
love dav

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