Sunday, April 7, 2013


hey kids-
the good thing about procrastinating on the last tommy of the week of the season is that it gives me a chance to cover all the old business so we can start the new season with a clean slate. it’s almost like i planned it this way! yep, let’s go with that. we’ve got lots of old business to cover, so let’s dive in.
it’s forgotten news that the patriots lost the AFC championship game to the baltimore ravens, who went on to win the super bowl. with the second consecutive super bowl to be won by a mediocre team riding high on emotion, i’m losing faith in the system – but not in my fearless quarterback. tommy threw for 320 yards, which is shocking since it seems like half his passes were dropped. this wasn’t brady’s most stellar performance, but the boys definitely let him down. he can’t even look at them! don’t worry tommy. you won’t have to anymore.

in other news, i DO NOT heart wes welker, and we (eeeee) are never never NEVER getting back together. in the douchiest move since adam weenatieri fled in the middle of the night to play with peyton and the dome pansies, wes, too, picked up his toys to go play with peyton. apparently, he called up john elway and said something to the effect of “i want to win. sign me.” know what, wes? doesn’t matter who’s throwing those passes when you don’t catch em. here’s the former object of my affections in yet another big game – watching that big old contract with the pats slip right through his fingers. hey wes! blow last kiss.

with such a disappointing showing in this final game of our season and no stand out performances to be remembered three months later, the final tommy of the 2012 season goes to tom brady. as always, his leadership, competitiveness and general roguish charm kept patriots fans everywhere hoping for a miracle, even into a hopeless fourth quarter. yes, that was a nightmare, tommy – but it’s over. now rest up and get ready to ring in a new era!

and that’s 2012, kids! only four more months ‘til preaseason, so start practicing your happy patriots thoughts now. with or without totws, there will be a tom brady – which means next season is going to be awesome. have a great summer, and go pats!
love dav

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  1. I always read these. Just post 'em up during the season closer to the game that was just played, rather than an hour before the next week's kickoff. You'll realize more fans are willing to comment and let you know they're reading.

    Remember, The Great and Powerful Hoodie has conditioned us all to "move on to next week" so quickly, Jim Nantz and Phil Simms are still giving their post-game recap while we're 'enjoying this one for a minute' and then 'looking ahead to Houston'. I swear I have whiplash when the season's over.