Monday, October 19, 2015


hey kids-
it’s moving day tomorrow – yes, AGAIN – so lets do this. it was a way more exciting game than anyone anticipated, but our patriots pulled out a victory against the colts. i was surrounded by annoying people last night who kept saying things like “i need gronk to get 167 yards!” or “the patriots better beat the spread,” to which i replied, deadpan, “i need the patriots to win by one." there was only one happy person in town last night, and it was me. what are you gonna do without me, san diego?
our fearless quarterback went 23 for 37, with 312 yards and three lovely touchdowns. sadly, he also suffered his first interception of the season when brokenfingered julian edelman bobbled a pass that went haywire and got picked off. i bet julian’s more upset about it than i am, and i’m pretty freaking upset. nevertheless, this is the part about tommy, not julian, so let’s look at him. that’s pretty much how I felt about the whole thing, too, tommy.
i wish all the people who wanted to give away my totw last week would tell me who to give it to this week, because i really don’t know. i liked jamie collins’ blocked punt (onside kick - is that still a punt? i think so...) move, but he missed a ton of tackles last night and i’m loathe to give a totw to a defense that gave up 27 points to andrew luck. i think that might be more than he’s scored cumulatively all season. mccourty had a really solid game and several near-interceptions, but again, 27 points to the colts! amendola had a surprisingly big game with 105 yards – and that might be more than he’s accumulated all season, so let’s give it to him. i can’t find one single danny amendola photo from last night...which kind of makes me rethink my decision. i think maybe i’m supposed to be giving this to lagarrette blount. oh wait – here we go. run, danny, run!

i’m tired of writing this now and want to have a glass of wine and watch the good wife before the big day tomorrow, so pretend i said something clever about the facing the jets on sunday.
have a great week, and go pats!

love dav

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