Wednesday, December 21, 2016


holy crap, kids!

the patriots beat the broncos at mile high! i have to admit i didn't see that one coming. it wasn't the prettiest win ever, but any W is a lot prettier than an L, and this one sealed up the afc east and a first round bye. i'll take it!

our fearless quarterback kinda seemed to be playing the function that brock osweiler played in denver last year: just stand there and try not to screw things up too much. we all know how that worked out for brock! or tommy wound up 16 of 32 for 188 yards, which is kind of amazing since i'm not sure he completed a pass in the entire first quarter. it was mile high, so of course, he did have two fumbles, but gisele clearly taught him a few tricks during his suspension: tommy did an excellent job just standing there looking pretty!

happily, the rest of our team looked pretty in a whole different way. blount smashed in another touchdown in his record-smashing season, and poor jules earned every single one of his 75 yards - along with a few well deserved bonus yards after taking an insane late hit. gostkowski happily nailed three field goals, and our defense continued to force turnovers and give the offense a hand. all in all, it was a happy day in denver, which is a sentence i never thought i'd write. there are some solid totw contenders, but i'm giving this one to logan ryan. not only did he lead the team in tackles (even thought that's not a good thing... hello linerbackers!) but he also came up with a key redzone interception. nice work, logan, you guys are really starting to look like a defense!

we play the jets christmas eve morning, so i'll try to crank out the annual holiday totw on christmas eve eve. until then, have a great week, and go pats!

love dav

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