Sunday, January 15, 2017


well kids,

in spite of the impressive score and the covering of the spread, it was not a particularly dominant win by our patriots in last night's divisional playoff game. i blame tommy's mustache.

our fearless quarterback clearly didn't realize how much the extra weight on his upper lip would affect his passing ability, and he threw as many interceptions last night as he threw in his last 12 games. neither was completely his fault, but both made me completely infuriated. tommy wound up 18 of 38 for 287 yards and two touchdowns - making this one of his poorer playoff performances in which we still managed to win. i hope you got that out of your system, tommy. go shave!

i've heard a lot of chatter today about how "suspect" our defense looks again, but i didn't think they looked so awful. yes, it was brock osweiler, but they did intercept him three times - and they held houston to 16 points (13 of which came on very short fields thanks to patriots turnovers). i was alright with the d, but my initial inclination for this week's tommy was to give it to jules. when the going gets tough, we can count on julian to make the catch and move the chains, which he did to the tune of 137 yards. but while julian might be the world's best security blanket (mmmhmmm... wait... give me a second...), even i recognize that this game was the dion lewis show. not only did he have an explosive punt return for a touchdown early in the game, he also wound up with rushing and receiving touchdowns - the only player in playoff history to have all three. sorry jules. even with dion's fumble and your snugglability, he's getting this week's tommy. sure is nice to have you back, d!

i know this wasn't the resounding win everyone expected and now the patriots look vulnerable and blah blah blah, but i'm really not too worried about this one. just like in denver, we saw that our team has tommy's back and can still find ways to win games when he's not on his. besides- anyone who's been following this crazy train for the last 17 years knows that a tommy-terrible is usually followed by a tommy-terrific, and no matter who we play next week, this was definitely the order in which to have them. i'm suspicious that you all got lazy during the bye week, so double down on your happy patriots thoughts, kids! you're running out of chances, and i know you want to see tommy complete an entire season as much as i do!

have a great week, and go pats!

love dav

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