Sunday, December 17, 2017


twas the week before christmas, and the season was ripe
for an AFC match-up surrounded by hype

on a cold rainy sunday, our patriots came
to see if the steelers lived up to their name

it wasn't just christmas at risk to be stealed,
but playoff advantage and precious home field

tommy started out fast but then made an exception
with his one lonely touchdown and d@mned interception

he threw 35 passes and 13 weren't caught
and two ninety-eight yards doesn't seem like a lot
plus our defense had trouble with the bs and big ben
and it seemed like we'd lose down in pittsburgh, but then!

all of a sudden tommy fought off the blitz
throwing pass after pass into gronk's waiting mitts
gronk was here, gronk was there, gronk would leap and he'd dive
then he really let loose and hit gronk overdrive

for one sixty-eight yards poor sean davis got burned
and with nine awesome grabs, this week's tommy was earned
with the t-o-t-dub, gronk's redeemed from suspension
(though that clutch pick by harmon gets hon'rable mention!)

now there's still one game left before christmas is saved
we must fight off the bills (and hope gronk's well-behaved)
so think patriots thoughts! think them happy and bright!
and in case i don't get to the tommy that night

i send all my best wishes for a holiday that's
filled with magic and love, merry christmas, go pats!

love dav

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