Wednesday, November 19, 2014


hey kids-
the patriots rolled right out of the bye and right on over the indianapolis colts on sunday, alleviating any fears that they might lose momentum with the week off.  whatever. don’t pretend like you weren’t worried too!
our fearless quarterback didn’t haven his best game ever, but it certainly wasn’t his worst. tommy wound up 19 of 30 for 257 yard and two touchdown passes – along with two interceptions that he definitely deserved. that’s twice as many as he’s thrown in last 5 games, but less than half as many as eli manning threw on the same day, so we’re not going to whine too much. tommy didn’t whine either – he just got right back on the horse, the role of which will now be played by rob gronkowski.

i couldn’t believe how fantastic our defense looked against the nfl’s #1 offense, holding them to just 20 points and stopping them on third and fourth down over and over again. it would take a truly spectacular performance to steal the totw, but by now everyone knows that’s exactly what jonas gray delivered. gray got honorable mention in the totw a few weeks ago, and the newbie clinched it sunday by rushing for 199 yards and four touchdowns. it’s crazy that our new rushing workhorse was on the practice squad last month, while legarrette blount is now teamless after getting cut from the steelers. sometimes i think the hoodie has powers of clairvoyance. in any case, here’s jonas celebrating his very first nfl touchdown... or maybe this was the second. no- that’s definitely the third...unless... well you get the idea.  

we go from the nfl’s #1 offense to it’s #1 defense with a matchup against the detroit lions on sunday. i know our defense is ready to go, so let’s all hope tommy’s worked out the wiggles and the wobbles and our offense comes to play. think your happy patriots thoughts, and i’ll see you right back here next... sunday? let’s be optimistic and say sunday! it is a morning game.
have a great week, and go pats!


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