Monday, November 24, 2014


hey kids-

our patriots are rolling right through november, racking up another big win in the toughest stretch of our schedule. this week, our pats made short work of the nfl’s best defense and made me very, very happy in the process. remind me about this next year when i’m complain about how boring football is!

our fearless quarterback threw more passes than i’d have liked, but it was to be expected in the face of detroit’s famed run defense. tommy went 38 for 53 with 349 yards and 2 touchdowns, along with one fake interception on an uncalled penalty that still makes me so mad i can’t talk about it. if the lousy pictures of this game are any indication, all the photographers must have started thanksgiving – thanks to gisele, we didn’t need. here’s tommy being all quarterbacky as he’s cheered on by his biggest fan.

i usually love it when there are this many great contenders for the totw – but i have no idea who should get it this week. ryan allen picked up a botched snap and nailed a punt that reminded me why i learned his name, danny amendola had an awesome 81 yard punt return, blount came back with a bang, and rob ninkovich put his hands on matthew stafford so many times, that boy should take him out for lobster. this one is up for grabs – so it should be no surprise the patriots’ secondary is coming down with it. revis and browner led the way, but ryan (and his interception), arrington, chung, and mccourty all contributed to one of the worst games in stafford’s career. nice defense, boys.

it seems like every weekend we head into our “biggest test of the season,” and green bay on sunday will be no exception. rouse yourselves from your food comas and channel all those extra calories into lots of happy patriots thoughts this week. i’m going to be really annoyed if we lose to a team with fans that wear cheese on their heads.
have a great week and a happy thanksgiving – and go pats!

love dav

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