Wednesday, December 3, 2014


hey kids-
the patriots are in san diego! yeah, yeah, we lost to green bay, blah blah blah, but why would i tell you about that when i can tell the patriots are IN SAN DIEGO!!!! WOOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!
alas, the cheeseheads did prevail, and while i wasn’t super happy or anything, i wasn’t too upset either. neither team player particularly well or seemed particularly dominant, and one more loss was probably a good thing before the playoffs. our fearless quarterback went 22 for 35 with 245 yards and two touchdown passes, and i didn’t think he looked bad...but he didn’t look as good as he does IN SAN DIEGO!!!!
i decided in the middle of this game that i was giving the totw to chris jones, because they kept talking about him and talking about him and talking about him. jones hit rodgers twice and sacked him once, so he wins this week’s tommy. if you think he doesn’t deserve it, don’t worry – he’s getting totally ripped off. i’m not showing you a chris jones picture this week – although i’m sure he’s here in this group of PATRIOTS IN SAN DIEGO!!!!!
so, did i mention the patriots play san diego on sunday night? in fact, they’re already here, IN SAN DIEGO!!! they must be super pissed that there one week in san diego is the one week of measureable rain we’ve had in the last 13 months. on the plus side, it probably feels a little more like home. we need to win the rest of our games from here on out to keep our playoff advantage, so think your happy patriots thoughts extra hard this week. i’m gonna go see if i can track down gronk in the send him back to practice, of course.
have a great week, and go patriots IN SAN DIEGO!
love dav

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