Wednesday, December 10, 2014


hey kids-
the patriots beat the chargers IN SAN DIEGO! thank god. this one felt a little like deja vu - in that we won, i was happy, and i drank too much. i really  have to stop drinking wine during night games.
in a little more deja vu, tommy threw two touchdowns and one interception – which i hope does not become a trend. tommy threw for 317 yards, which is kind of surprising since it felt like our offense wasn’t clicking quite as well as it should be. whatever. we won, and i was as happy as tommy was. in fact, i looked like this pretty much the whole walk home. i don’t know how i didn’t get beaten up. 

also deja vu-ish, i really really really wanted to give the totw to julian edelman – except this week, i totally can! julian rocked it out with 141 yards, including a 69-yard touchdown run that involved a lot of tackle-breaking by him and a lot of leaping and yelling by me. here he is, running and laughing at the chargers trying to catch him. silly chargers. you’ll never catch Edel-Man!

we end the season going head to head with each of our division rivals, starting with miami at gillette this sunday. thankfully, all three games are early, so you’ll hopefully get your totws a little sooner and i'll be a little soberer(er). the dolphins have been playing well and pose a definite threat, so think your happy patriots thoughts, and hopefully we’ll all be having deja vu all over again next week.
have a great week and go pats!

love dav

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