Tuesday, December 16, 2014


hey kids-
twas two weeks before christmas, and my big winter wish
was for tommy to triumph and gut those damned fish.
tensions were high as he entered gillette- 
but he made it a game that we soon won’t forget!
and i in my pats hat at my nondouchey bar
sipped a bacon martini – yeah, i know it’s bizarre.
the pats started to drive! a touchdown was expected!
and then son of bitch- the pass was deflected!
the offense was sleeping right through the first half,
but vince and the boys gave us reasons to laugh.
and then tommy’s two touchdowns and 287 yards
made it certain that vict’ry was there in the cards.

when the offense awakened as we hit quarter three,
what a sight to behold- it was something to see!
blount, shane and gronk all got in on the fun,
but when push came to shove, defense made sure we won. 
playing 60 full minutes, making stops and more stops,
they had sacks, interceptions, and forced plenty of drops.
but which guy should get it – the weekly award?
there were so many big plays – and the D even scored!
so with 10 solid tackles and his pick and panache 
patrick chung’s great big sunday trumps tommy’s big dash.
our long lost friend patrick picked a great time to peak -
and by now you all know- he gets the tommy of the week!

now i never count chickens, or jinx us with bets,
but i’m feeling okay about pats versus jets.
still, we’re playing in jersey, and i wanna win lots,
so come on! get to work thinking patriots thoughts!
i’ll catch you next weekend with all that games’ stats-
so have a great week- and go go go PATS!

love dav

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