Saturday, January 3, 2015


hey kids-
happy new year, and welcome to the first ever totw two-fer! with holiday travel and holiday drinking, i missed a recap – so we’re doing double duty this week. let’s two it!
our fearless quarterback certainly didn’t deliver his best showings at the end of this season, though he did only play for half of the final game. still, with 182 yards and one touchdown against the jets and 80 yards and no touchdowns against the bills, tommy ended 2014 with a fizzle. it wasn’t exactly what I was hoping to see before heading into the playoffs, but I’m told he’s saving the bang for 2015, so I’m okay with it.

while our offense was spluttering and resting up for playoffs, the rest of our team continued to play hard and keep us in games. the win against the jets was ugly and by the skin of our teeth, and it wouldn’t have been likely without danny amendola’s 90 yards in kick returns. danny’s been around long enough to know how much i hate losing to the jets – and how much i wish i could heart him without him becoming a douche or going to prison – so i’m taking all the effort personally. I’m going to go ahead and award him the tommy of the week and hope for the best. don’t become a douche, danny!

against the bills, jamie collins recovered a fumble he forced in the first place. the awesomest part was that jamie actually went to make a tackle and missed, falling on the ground – only to get back up, try again, and force the fumble. that’s the kind of effort that gives me hope heading into the playoffs – and gives jamie the final totw of the season.

in BREAKING NEWS, we interrupt this regularly scheduled if wildly overdue tommy of the week to bring you this important announcement: I’M GOING TO THE PATRIOTS DIVISIONAL PLAYOFF GAME! woo hoo! it’ll be my first time at gillette and my first playoff game, so think your happy patriots thoughts extra extra hard that we win! a loss would not only mean the end of season, but it would also mean a lot of staring at the girl crying on the train all the way back to new york city.
have a great week, and go pats!

love dav

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