Friday, January 16, 2015


live from gillette stadium- it’s saturday night! featuring tom brady! julian edelman! vince wilfork! the gronk! jamie collins! danny amendola! and your host, dav!
hey kids-
it was a nailbiter against the ravens, and I have the bitten nails to prove it! thankfully all that drama kept the crowd on its feet and me from freezing to death during my very first visit to gillette stadium!  i’m not gonna lie – i almost froze to death, but it was SO TOTALLY WORTH IT.
our fearless quarterback looks even more fearless in person...or maybe that was just the insane mad dash into the end zone RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE while i sat in the third row on the 30 yard line. happily for me, that was just the beginning of tommy’s terrific performance – which ended with three and a half passing touchdowns and one rushing touchdown – along with 365 yards. here he is, being tom brady RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE. check it out, kids! I totally took my own totw picture!

it was a rollcoaster ride of a game, but our patriots fought hard to make sure my first trip to gillette ended victoriously. jamie collins got several steps closer to being my favorite defensive player ever, gronk put on a big (and surprisingly lumbering in person) show,  and danny amendola played like he knew i came to see him. our patriots even pulled out all the stops with a still-makes-me-giddy trick play – an oh-so-pretty flea flicker from tommy to julian to danny RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE. serious dav porn. i’m just saying. i couldn’t have asked for a more incredible game, and i couldn’t be more excited to give this week’s tommy of the week to its namesake. down by two touchdowns twice, tommy put the patriots on his fearless quarterback shoulders, showing his leadership, competiveness, and general roguish charm RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE. what a game! what a win! what a cute butt! thanks for a great night, tommy!

we play the colts on sunday kids, and i’m still too excited to be super nervous – though the butterflies are starting to set in. my happy patriots thoughts have been irrepressible this week, so add yours to the mix,  and let’s show those colts we don’t need luck when we’ve got tom brady. did i mention he was RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE. holy crap that was amazing.
have a great weekend, and go pats!
love dav


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