Sunday, September 13, 2015


hey kids-
football’s back – and that means so is your tommy of the week. it was a relief in many ways to see tommy back on the field on thursday night – especially looking like the four time super bowl winning fearless quarterback we know and love. ready to get started on the road to number five? let’s go.
our fearless quarterback came ready to play, going 25 of 32 for 288 yards and four touchdown. tommy was as fired up to be out there as I was to see him. thank god it’s football.

it was a banner night for all our boys (yes, I totally just said that. suck it america- we won the super bowl!), with plenty of glad-to-be-back performances. gronk stole the show with his three TDs and amendola and edelman stole my heart with their dreamy smiles, and there were some great plays on both sides of the ball – but if you think anyone is getting this week’s tommy other than its namesake, you’re cracked. (spoiler alert: it’s possible tom brady will get the tommy of the week for the next 16 weeks – a new TOTW record!) leadership? check. competitiveness? check. general roguish charm? check. plus, this face conveys exactly the way I feel about the nfl these days...and bodes very, very well for patriots fans. thanks for pissing him off, america!

we head to buffalo on sunday, and I’m strangely conflicted. i generally like buffalo more than most teams we play, but I generally hate rex ryan more than most humans on earth. let’s hope he pulls his regular rex ryan ridiculousness and says something that infuriates our boys in blue. cause, you know, we could use a little motivation.
think your happy patriots thoughts and have a great week. GO PATS!

love dav

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