Sunday, September 27, 2015


hey kids-
well, i started this week with no opinion about the jaguars, but i definitely have one now. i LOVE the jaguars. they might be my favorite team we’ve ever played, and i think we should play them every week! yup. it was that kind of game, and if i were writing this tomorrow instead of today, i’d have the hangover to prove it! 
our fearless quarterback is looking super sharp and went 33 for 42 and 358 yards. he also had two touchdown passes – the first of which marked yet another milestone – making brady the fourth player in history with 400 touchdown passes. seriously kids, how lucky are we? tommy celebrated in his typically understated style, but don’t worry. i screamed more than enough for the both of us.

there’s an obvious choice for this week’s tommy, but there are few honorable mentions before we get to that. i’m super hearting our receivers who already look to be in mid-season form, but my favorite play of this game was made by a defensive player i sadly can’t even name. jacksonville’s quarterback (who I also sadly cannot name) made a sideline pass that was caught, but our defender tackled the receiver midair and carried him out of bounds before he could get both feet down. it was holy freaking hilarious and maybe the best defensive strategy ever, aside from actually interfering with the ball. nevertheless, lagarrette blount is getting this week’s tommy. little lewis has been holding down the fort admirably, but it’s nice to see blount and with three touchdowns and in fighting form – since we have just about as few people who know how to carry the ball as we do who know how to catch it! nice work, lagarrette!

as we head into our ridiculously early bye, our team is looking pretty freaking amazing, and I’m hoping the break won’t stall our momentum. we play the gimpy cowboys when we get back, so think your happy patriots thoughts a) that belichick works his usual bye week magic and b) that neither of their backups break out between now and then (sorry jovan!).
have a great week and then a great week after that – and go pats!

love dav

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