Sunday, November 15, 2015


well kids-

dad was way more righter than i was, and i couldn’t be happier about it. while the giants were in fact our toughest test of the season thus far, dad predicted we’d beat them. i’m not exactly sure “beat” is the right word – it was more like “skirted” or “slinked past,” but the W looks the same.

our fearless quarterback  went 26 for 42 with two touchdowns and one interception, but he was on target when it matter. brady threw over 200 of those yards in the fourth quarter – including one amazing 76 yard pass that was all gronk. it wasn’t tommy’s best, but if you can run out of met life (and you should always run out of jersey) with a win, it’s best not to complain.

i fall a little more in love with malcolm butler every week, and it was super fun to watch him get all fired up (awesomely) defending beckham, jr. gronk also had another huge game, amendola looked awesome, and julian edelman got broken but we’re not going to talk about it because it’s sad and he’s going to be back by the playoffs.  it’s nice to see so many consistently-solid performances, but the king of consistently-solid performances is stephen gostkowski, and he gets this week's tommy. stephen has yet to miss a kick this year and nailed his 35th consecutive field goal with his game-winning 54 yarder. I think i was wayyyyyy more excited about it than he was.

we play buffalo next monday night, kids, and I have no doubt we’ll have completely adjusted our game plan to make it work without julian, but i’m still gonna be sad about it. i’m also gonna be sad if we lose to rex ryan, so think lots of happy patriots thought this week. it would be awesome to start thanksgiving week making turkeys out of the bills.

have a great week and go pats!

love dav

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