Monday, December 21, 2015


tis the week before christmas, and that means it’s time
that i set your tommy to meter and rhyme.
i hope that my recap delights and enlightens-
now let’s get down to business on pats versus titans.

it was warmish in foxb’ro when the pats took the field
as they came to deliver our christmas gift sealed.
with the girls dressed like santa, as cute as could be
(and i sure hope that outfit is under my tree!)

our QB looked fearless, although he was sick,
he threw two perfect touchdowns – and nary a pick.
he hit gronk! he hit white! tennessee looked like fools!
then he laughed as he said “we don’t even have jules!”

our offense looked solid, they allayed all our fears
with a new band of running back three musketeers.
and the defense looked fierce! every guy got his quota
bringing big hits and sacks til they broke mariota!

there are so many pats who get hon’rable mention-
chandler jones and j-collins both merit attention,
and don’t forget keyshawn’s amazing return,
or butler’s great pick on a sweet douglas burn.

but there’s only one winner (there ought to be five)
and i’m choosing the guy with the good sense to dive.
first a strip sack! a fumble! and then bouncing galore!
then, the first time all season – a defensive score!

it’s that new guy! we just learned his number last game
and this week it looks like we’re learning his name.
akiem hicks – we’re so happy your trade didn’t trouble you
and i’m pleased to present you the TOTW.

we’re in new york next weekend, with the jets looking mean
but our boys need the win as we leave week sixteen.
you recall those two losses we’ll have to offset
for a postseason road that goes right through gillette.

plus i really hate losing – so you know what to do
come on, patriots people, i’m talking to you!
think your patriots thoughts! wear your patriots hats!
happy christmas to all – and to all, YAY GO PATS!

love dav

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