Monday, December 28, 2015


hey kids-
well, the patriots lost to the jets, and i’m not really that fussed about it. our boys looked like most of us do heading back to work after the holiday – easing in at about 70%, taking it easy, shaking off the cookie coma. with all the injuries, our team only looked about 70% staffed, and if i’m honest, i only cheered with about 70% enthusiasm, too.
our fearless quarterback looked much less frustrated that you’d imagine, considering the majority of his offensive weapons were kickin it in boston with leftover turkey. all in all, tommy went 22 of 31 for 231 yards and one annoying interception – but even that was only about 70% annoying. considering it was a pretty crummy performance, i didn’t really care that much. looks like he didn’t, either.

most of this game was long and boring, which seems to be status quo for our divisional matchups this year, and there weren’t many stand out performances to note. our defense did extend their scoring streak to two games – which I hope means they’ve decided to start a trend. since jamie collins recovered the fumble for a touchdown and was the leading tackler this week, he’s getting the tommy. sorry i’m only 70% excited about it, jamie! i’m 100% glad you’re back.

we play miami in miami on sunday, and i just this second realized it won’t be december anymore! that’s awesome news, since we often lose to miami in miami in december. after last sunday’s grind, think your happy patriots thought that this game is more entertaining, that we end the season and start the new year a win, and that we finally get a much needed julian fix. (just like one catch. c’mon jules. you know you want to.) i know that’s a lot to ask of your patriots thoughts, but i have faith! don’t let me down.
have a great week, and go pats!

love dav

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