Monday, January 4, 2016


hey kids-
the patriots lost, and i’m super mad about it. all we had to do was beat the jets or beat the dolphins to ensure we wouldn’t have to play in denver – where tom brady has won twice in his entire career. seriously, patriots??? unless this is part of a genius belichick plan where we’re happier to have denver face the chiefs or the steelers while we get the houstons or the bengals, this was just really stupid and annoying. bad patriots!
our fearless quarterback looked like all he was going to do was stand around and hand off the ball all day – which made me wonder why they didn’t put in garoppolo. once he finally started passing, for a measly 134 yards, i wished they had put in garoppolo. then, when we finally got to the last two minutes – tommy time – they put in garoppolo. what the hell kind of plan was that, josh? bad tommy!

pretty much all the patriots looked pretty much completely pathetic, and there are no standouts and no honorable mentions. BAD PATRIOTS! the tommy of the week is going to our long snapper. know what patriots? joe cardona has an actual real job in the navy, so maybe you can stop wasting his time with half-assed football games, because he actually really does have better things to do. and you call yourselves patriots! joe cardona, you’re a real patriot – and you deserve a lot more than the tommy of the week.

we have a bye week on sunday, and i hope belichick makes the team think about what they’ve done! BAD PATRIOTS. seriously, julian better come back and reminds everybody how to play football, because clearly, our patriots have forgotten.  you have two solid weeks to think your happy patriots thoughts – start now. with the way we’ve been playing, we’re going to need every single one.
have a great week, and go pats.
love dav


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