Monday, October 2, 2017


well kids, 

our patriots lost, and boy did they ever have it coming. this game was a whole lot of blah, although thankfully there was a ha, an aw, and a ta-da thrown in to prevent my aneurysm. let's make this one short and sweet.

our fearless quarterback is awesome at everything, so you should not be surprised he was awesome at blah - going 32 of 45 for 307 yards and two touchdowns. i know tommy's all over this fourth comeback legacy, but someone really needs to tell him he doesn't actually have to wait until the fourth quarter to start playing. yes tommy - jules is broken, most the newbies can't learn the routes, and your o-line is AWOL. BLAH BLAH BLAH. try harder!

our defense deserves a whole lot worse than blah, even with the two turnovers, so let's skip them and go straight to the highlights. gronk delivered the game's best ha with flailing arms and legs to make sure the refs knew exactly when and where to call pass interference - and they certainly needed the help. amendola gave us a big aw rushing to the back of the endzone, touchdown ball still in hand, to pose with a JE11 flag. and stephen gostkowski nailed the ta-da with a career-, franchise-, and stadium-long 58-yard-field goal. and just like that, gostkowski got his groove back - and got this week's tommy to boot (or by boot, as the case may be). let's hope the rest of the team follow your foot(steps), stephen!

we play tampa bay on thursday night, which does not give you long to think your happy patriots thoughts. tampa bay is actually looking pretty good this year, but even if they weren't, we look terrible. send your happy patriots thoughts that our patriots do their jobs extra hard and eek out the win. i haven't a feeling we might not be seeing much of anybody who doesn't after thursday.

have a great short week - and go pats.

love dav

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