Tuesday, December 4, 2018


well kids- 

i forgot to tell you the patriots got embarrassed by the titans and i was too busy to tell you they beat the jets - but i'm happy to report their winning streak has resumed with a victory over minnesota. 

our fearless quarterback looked pretty solid aside from an interception that was really and truly an interception, but at least he earned this one! he wound up 24 of 32 for 311 yards and a touchdown - and that was just in his quarterbacking duties!

that's right, kids! after 18 seasons, 265 games, and 579 times of me screaming "NO TOMMY DON'T DO IT!!!!" tommy finally broke 1000 rushing yards! i think it should be noted that he did lose 160 total yards over the years by taking knees at the ends of games that were firmly in hand, but i guess 265 games is still a lot considering michael vick did in 22. nevertheless, tommy was pretty proud of the milestone - and it put him well past peyton manning's 667 rushing yards, which mom would say is all that really matters. if you're wondering, the rest of our team played well during this game, too. rex burkhead looked solid in his return and our defense pulled down a few interceptions - but tommy's getting the totw (for breaking the record, mom, not for leaving peyton in the dust). congrats, tommy! feel free to stop running now, okay?

we play the dolphins in miami on sunday, which our patriots always seem to think is some kind of winter vacation instead of an actual football game that counts. we have no breathing room heading into pittsburgh the following week, so think your happy patriots thoughts that tommy doesn't run and sony michel does - and that somebody throws danny amendola into their carry-on for the flight home.

have a great week, and go pats!

love dav

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