Tuesday, September 15, 2020


well kids-

it's official. football is actually really happening - even though tom brady isn't a patriot AND there's a deadly virus ravaging hearts and lungs and causing untold long-term damage. for the record, i'm not in favor of either of those things, but as they say, the tommy must go on - with or without tommy - and so, i present to you the first ever NOTommyoftheweek. (you can pronounce that not tommy, but i prefer notommy, like lobotomy.)

while it remains to be seen if our new quarterback will be fearless, he certainly was fearsome - rushing for 75 yards and two touchdowns and completing 15 of 19 passes for 155 yards. considering how often the patriots lose on opening day with a quarterback who actually knows our playbook, this was a pretty impressive debut. i'm not a super big fan of rushing quarterbacks, but because it's such a different experience, it actually might make it a little easier to get on board the cam train this season. wooo wooo.

with eight patriots opting out because of COVID-19, the quarterback position isn't the only place where our team looks different - but it shouldn't surprise any of us that they still looked pretty decent. of course it was week one and we did play miami, but considering the turnover and that there were no preseason games, it felt like a solid start. both gilmore and jackson started the season with interceptions, and jules started the season as a patriot - all of which deserve honorable mention, but this week's notommy is going to cam newton. (are you dead? i might be dead. this literally might be the end of the world). while cam's leadership and general roguish charm are still up for debate, his competitiveness was impressive, and what would have been three touchdowns if not for the endzone fumble in his first game as a patriot isn't too shabby. you're notommy, cam, but considering  you notched a W on sunday, that might be a good thing. welcome to the team.

i'm not feeling it for many reasons this season - including having to watch games at home and not in a bar for the first time in 20 years, but as long as our patriots keep on keepin' on, i'll try to keep up. we play seattle on sunday night, and even though they'll be down a 12th man, they may bring a little more to the field than miami. i know we're all a little out practice, so dust off your happy patriots thoughts and think 'em extra hard this week. if i'm expected to slog through this utterly unimaginable season, i expect to do it winning!

have a great week, and go pats!

love dav

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