Tuesday, September 22, 2020


hey kids-

well, we didn't win in seattle, but this might be the least upset i've ever been losing. if you're thinking that's because i don't really care about the patriots anymore, i kind of thought that might end up happening, too - but in a delightfully surprising turn of events, i'm actually getting on board this cam train. in fact, this week's wooo wooo isn't sarcastic at all!

even with our former fearless quarterback at the helm, games against seattle have always been a toss up, but our new fearsome quarterback put up a valiant effort that included one touchdown, one interception, and a whopping 397 yards, going 30/44. i don't watch a ton of non-patriots football, but holy crap! i had know idea cam newton could throw! i also had no idea what to expect when he took the field for that final potential game winning drive. does cam newton even have a two minute drill? in another delightfully surprising turn of events - he totally does! no, we didn't win, but as with pretty much every game we've ever played against the seahawks - it could've gone either way. so, two weeks on the cam train, and this is what we've learned: leadership? check! competitiveness? check! we're still working on the general roguish charm - but that happy go lucky smile is definitely starting to win me over, and it feels like there's a real chance cam just might pull this thing together. wooo wooo!

we could dance around and talk about mccourty's awesome opening drive interception blahblahblah, but there's zero possibility jules is getting a career high receiving yards and not getting this week's notommy. i've given it to him for a lot lesser reasons than this, and my abandoned and bitter heart is particularly warmed by the irony of this particular broken record. jules pulled down eight receptions for 179 yards, proving the patriots' passing game is alive and well - perhaps more so than it's been for several seasons. thanks for doing this early enough in the year that you're still grooming and we can all enjoy your pretty face, jules!

we play the raiders at home on sunday morning, and we all fell a little short on the happy patriots thoughts last sunday, so let's double down okay? in our final delightfully surprising turn of events, i've still got skin in this game!

have a great week, and go pats!

love dav

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