Monday, October 19, 2020


hey kids-

well, the patriots lost the dumbest game of football ever played, and not even the package of mimosas and tots that arrived from my sister (thanks bark!) could save it.

our fearsome quarterback was back on the field for the first time after his COVID-19 diagnosis, and he went 17 for 25 and 157 yards with no touchdowns. that's what happens when you're asked to play football after not being allowed to practice and your offensive line has never actually taken the field together before game time. on the plus side, he didn't drop dead from myocarditis, so that's promising.

our defense tried to rally a little toward the end of this game, pulling down two interceptions that sort of gave a chance at winning- if only we'd been allowed to have more than one practice over the course of two weeks and actually knew who'd be eligible to play more than like five minutes in advance. the ntotw is going collectively to the patriots for putting up with this bullsh%t - because god knows i'm OVER it.

we play the 49ers on sunday, and i really couldn't care less. think your happy patriots thoughts if you do.

have a great week, and go pats i guess.

love dav

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