Monday, September 13, 2021


hey kids-

welcome to the weekly macdown- featuring our brand new rookie quarterback, macjones!

i wonder if anyone told macjones that when the patriots lose the first game of the season, it usually means they win the super bowl. it kind of seems like setting the bar pretty high for your rookie, but i like the ambition. in fact, i like everything about macjones, from the silly hair to the sideline rallying. our intrepid rookie quarterback had a decent showing in his first nfl game, going 29 of 39 for 281 yards and his very first touchdown as a patriot. may it be the first of many, mac! look at you, looking all quarterback-y!

our patriots are definitely still finding their feet, and while there were some bright shiny moments - i'm talking to you, mccourty and andrews! - there also were a few fumbles, literally.  it's never pretty when we're working out the kinks, but it was promising - and there's plenty of reasons to be excited. after all, it's a brand new season with a brand new quarterback and a brand new weekly award, and as is tradition, the very first weekly macdown is going to its namesake! congratulations, macjones - on playing your first nfl game, on getting your first patriots touchdown, and on receiving your very first macdown! fingers crossed we'll be congratulating you on your first nfl win next week!

speaking of next week, we're playing the jets in new york, and i'm glad somebody gets to go there, since my trip was cancelled thanks to the delta surge. start thinking your happy patriots thoughts a little early in case you're out of practice - or on the off chance the jets are actually good this season!

have a great week, and go pats!

love dav

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