Tuesday, September 11, 2012


hey kids-

happy new year! welcome back to a brand new season of football – and a brand new tommy of the week to go right along with it.  ready? oh yeah. let’s do it!

i know i’m not the only one who was happy to see our fearless quarterback back in fighting form on sunday, and fight he did, with a little blood to show for it! tommy put up a respectable 236 yards and two touchdowns against the titans, and while there’s plenty i could say about it, i’m just so damned happy to see him. i’m sure you were, too, so let’s just look at him. yeahhhhhh. that’s the stuff.

if you recall, i wasn’t hearting wes welker so much at the end of last season... and then he spent the summer mouthing off about his contract as if he didn’t drop any super bowl passes and otherwise behaving in a generally douchey fashion. so, while i reserve the right to change my mind (and almost did dreamy sigh the single time he was on tv sunday), i no longer heart wes welker. luckily, we have plenty of eye candy on our team, and our tight end tandem is ready to deliver a hell of a lot more than dreamy sighs. and now, for your viewing pleasure, i happily present the brand new t&a – a weekly celebrations of tight end tats and abs. here’s your first glimpse of the boys in their brand new feature, posing as if they knew i’d need a photo just like this one. thanks guys – looking forward to seeing a lot (eh-hem) more of both of you!

there were lots of reasons to get excited about the patriots sunday- from a trio of promising rookies reinvigorating our defense to a looked-over-the-wrong-shoulder miss by lloyd that proves he already knows the offense better than ochocinco ever did. still, the season’s first tommy of the week goes to stevan ridley. i was very sad to say goodbye to benjarvusgreenellis both because i loved him and because i wasn’t sure ridley could carry the load all on his own. yesterday, he took his chance to shine and ran with it – literally – racking up a career high 125 yards and proving me (quite happily) wrong. congrats stevan! one down, 15 to go, kiddo! 

we play arizona on sunday, and did i mention i’m so freaking happy there’s football? you know i’m even happier when we win, so practice your happy patriots thought and have a great week. 

go pats! hurray football! GO PATRIOTS!!!!!

love dav

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