Saturday, September 29, 2012


hey kids-
well, the patriots lost again, and while i’m not too happy about it, i’m not too upset about it, either. seeing as how the baltimore ragens literally tried to kill our patriots, i’m just glad everyone made it back home in one piece. plus, i’m pretty sure we’ll getting that winning thing sorted out sooner or later.
i thought our fearless quarterback looked pretty good sunday and moved the ball effectively – and i was glad to a tighter offensive line, especially with all those thuggy ravens running around. still, the boys definitely look like they’re playing with a super bowl hangover, and it’s getting old. alright tommy. time to stop sitting around on your butt and start playing some football.

in other news, you’ll never guess what’s happened! i’m very happy to report that as of sunday night, i heart we. mom says that’s all he gets for now, but i think it’s exciting progress.

heart him or not, wes is totally getting the tommy of the week. while his 142 yards may not have been enough to clinch the win, they were enough to remind all of us what an invaluable asset wes can be. more catching, less kvetching, wes! you’ll have that contract – and my affection back – in no time.

we play buffalo tomorrow, and while they certainly haven’t looked as sharp as they did last year, we can never discount a division rival. if we win, i’ll make the original ww buy shots while i’m in new york, so cheer extra hard for our patriots...and my drunkenness!
have a great night, and go pats!
love dav

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