Saturday, September 22, 2012


hey kids-
i’m sure you’ve heard by now that the patriots lost. it was a tedious, grueling game that seemed to go on forever and had very few highlights – not unlike the past week.
our fearless quarterback looked as frustrated as i felt on sunday – but even his best efforts couldn’t get our team in sync. all credit to the cardinals defense who sacked tommy four times and blocked a punt – but it was one of those fluky games where you just knew from the early tipped-pass-turned-interception that things were not going to go our way. well, you can’t win em all, tommy. seriously – it makes everybody else really mad when you do.

one week in to his very own (shared) feature, aaron hernandez twisted his ankle and is out for a month. the bad news is that supersucks because aaron hernandez is awesome. the good news is wes has already started playing more to pick up the slack, which gives him more opportunities to restake his claim on my affection and get the i heart wes welker back in the header. in the meantime, here’s poor aaron giving us a last look at his tattoos for a while. is anyone else getting supersick of these patriots writhing-in-pain pictures?

know what else made me supersick this week? the play calling in the last two minutes of this game. i know, i know – blah blah blah holding call, blah blah blah replacement refs. but after the patriots’ final touchdown was reversed, they went uncharacteristically conservative, spiking the ball twice (thrice?) instead of making any effort to get stephen gostkowski a little closer to the uprights. as it went, stephen missed that final field goal, and our pats lost a game they well-deserved to lose. nevertheless, the tommy of the week goes to stephen gostkowski. he missed the last one- but he nailed the first four (including two 50+ -yarders), which is the only thing that even kept us in this game. if anyone else on our team had converted on 80% of their plays, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. thanks for the leg, stephen.  maybe next time, the boys’ll have your back.

we play the ravens tomorrow night, and after that title game last year, they’ll be out for blood. of course i always hope we win, but let’s all practice our happy patriots thoughts that all our boys make it out of the murder capital of america alive. we’re already down an aaron! 
have a great night- and go pats.
love dav

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