Sunday, September 14, 2014


well kids,
winning sucks a lot less than losing does. while i’m still not completely back in football mode, our patriots made it a little easier on me by winning big in minnesota. lessons learned in week two:  both winning and a nondouchey football bar have a notably positive impact on my attitude about the patriots. 
tommy had a pretty mellow game this week, going 15 for 22 with 149 yards and a touchdown pass, but we won and we’ll take it. our fearless quarterback didn’t do much in the way of earning his nickname this week, but when the other guy throws four picks, you kind of look good just standing there.

our defense ran away with this game quite literally, as they were on the receiving end of those four cassel picks. you can’t blame poor matt for getting a little confused – he threw to patriots for a long time! while mccourty had an awesome 60 yard return, he missed scoring – and the totw – by one yard. instead, this one’s going to chandler jones. number 95 is already off to a fantastic start this season, and he piled on this week with two terrific sacks and an awesome blocked field goal that he returned for a touchdown.  here he is giving a hello hug to our old friend matt, though matty does not look very happy to see him.

dad says we play the raiders next week, and google says he’s right! it’s our home opener, which bodes well, but be sure to think your happy patriots thoughts. you can’t expect the nondouchey football bar to do all the work for you.
have a great week, and go pats!

love dav

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