Tuesday, September 23, 2014


hey kids-

about to head out the door for my annual nyc extravaganza, so let’s make it short and sweet. the patriots won. it was ugly. i don’t care. i like winning better than not winning, even if the game is excruciating to watch.

our fearless quarterback is looking a little more frazzled than fearless these days, but that may be because there’s no good option when julian edelman is covered, which is always. tommy started slow but managed to go 24 of 37 and rack up 234 yards and one touchdown, which feels about average in this no-receiver era. that win might’ve been ugly, tommy – but it sure looks good on you.

i wanted to give this totw to julian edelman because again it felt like he’s the only guy on the team doing his job and at least he makes me cheer for something. then, right at the end, vince wilfork came up with a heads up lucky interception that kept our woeful patriots from going to OT with the woeful raiders. so, for saving me a little woe, vince gets this week’s tommy. EAT EM, VINCE!

we play kansas city on monday night while i’m in nyc. i’ll be closer, but the patriots will ironically be farther away, so think your happy patriots thoughts extra hard so they have time to get there. happy week, happy new york, happy win!

go patriots!

love dav

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