Saturday, October 4, 2014


hey kids-
the only thing worse than watching the patriots get slaughtered on monday night football in front of a national audience is doing it totally hungover on about 90 minutes’ sleep. but it was a reallllllllllly goooooood wedding.
so, somewhere between the gravy cheese fries (thank god i don’t live near the gin mill anymore) and the 26-year-old hitting on me (seriously- why i am SO pretty in new york?!), i think there was a football game, and i think i’m supposed to tell you about it. it honestly isn’t worth talking about, as our fearless quarterback looked worse than i’ve seen him in as long as i can remember. i know it wasn’t all his fault, but man, that was a bad game, tommy. there were a LOT of photos of brady on his butt, but i like this one the best. at least here, it’s where he’s supposed to be!

looking at the stats, i was amazed to see that brandon lafell had six receptions for 119 yards – mostly because i’m surprised that tommy completed that many passes! as exciting as it is to see lafell catching the ball, this tommy of the week is going to ryan allen. i realllllly hearted me some zoltan mesko and refused to learn the new kid’s name all last season. however, his consistently awesome punts have worn me down, and i’m showing the kid some love. he’d actually had zero touchbacks up to this game and was one of the few patriots who went to kansas city to play football. (i’m guessing the rest of them went for the barbeque – which would totally explain tommy’s slippery hands.) great work right allen. ironically, you’re the only thing that didn’t have me seeing red on monday.

we play cincinnati tomorrow night, and i’m not gonna lie, kids. i can’t muster one single happy patriots thought. i’m seriously afraid we’re going to get killed. on national tv. again. here’s hoping i’m wrong – since i’ll actually be conscious for this game!  think extra ones for me – it’s in all of our best interest for the pats not to go 2-3. trust me.
have a great saturday night and go pats!

love dav

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