Sunday, October 19, 2014


hey kids-
well, the patriots beat the jets in a down-to-the-wire nailbiter, and i’m just now getting over the hangover this game induced. both my liver and i are extremely grateful we won’t have another night game until after the bye.
our fearless quarterback is looking both fearless and quarterbacky these days, and i’m loving it. tommy came out swinging again, this time with a lovely 49-yard touchdown pass into the waiting arms of shane vereen. brady ended with 261 yards and three touchdowns– one more to shane and one to danny amendola, who apparently has “come out of his funk” and is “finally contributing” all with one 19-yard catch. don’t get me wrong – i’d heart amendola if it weren’t hazardous for his health, but seriously! put me in there enough times and i’ll make one awesome important catch, too! in any case, we like danny, we like touchdowns, and we really like tom brady celebrating...although i’m not sure i really like this. maybe we should give these boys a little privacy.

while it’s great fun to watch our offense making big dramatic passing plays, the downside is that our defense was on the field literally twice as long as brady and the boys. i’m not thrilled that they allowed the jets to score 25 points, but they did manage to come up big when it counted. chris jones redeemed himself for last year’s loss by blocking a 58-yard field goal attempt... or so i’m told. i was outside sucking in air and trying to not hurl the entire bottle of wine i apparently drank over the course of the game. luckily, there’s photographic evidence (or the play, not the near-hurling) and here’s chris blocking that punt and earning this week’s tommy. thanks chris! winning made staggering home a much more pleasant experience!

we play the bears next sunday morning, and i think the bears started out good but aren’t that good any more, so i don’t know what will happen. (you know, as opposed to all those weeks when i totally predict exactly what’s going to happen.) think your happy patriots thoughts and i’ll let you know all about it next time.
have a great week, and go pats!

love dav

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