Monday, October 6, 2014


hey kids-
i come to you with shame on my face. i totally lost faith and didn’t think it was physically possible for our patriots to beat the bengals. thankfully, they never lost faith in themselves, and they all stepped up to lay down a whoopin on the cincinnati bengals. holy patriots.
after taking it in the teeth all week long, tommy came out kickin’ and led our offense to touchdowns on the first two drives. he never let up, and our fearless quarterback eventually wound up 23 of 35 with 292 yards. while those may not be the most impressive numbers of his career, they were impressive enough to make me embarrassed for ever doubting he could once again turn a nothing team into something – and to make everybody else shut the hell up. our tommy proved he’s not anywhere close to done, and if you want that football, you’re gonna have to pry it from his cold, dead hands.

there were a lot of exciting performances in this game – from an offensive line that kept brady vertical to a rob gronkowski who finally remembered how to catch a football. even our defense looked awesome – led by darrelle revis who finally decided to play for the patriots! still, it should be no surprise this week’s tommy is going to tom brady. our fearless quarterback not only showed us the leadership, competitiveness and general roguish charm that inspired this award, but he also became the sixth quarterback to pass for 50,000 career yards. here he is, racking up a few of those yards and showing us all why he has an award named after him... and, you know, three super rings and stuff.

and after four weeks of watching tommy cry/fume/wallow on the bench, we’re just going to take one more moment and revel in this. awwwww yeahhhh. that’s the stuff.

we play the bills on sunday, and while i’m not expecting the patriots to come out with guns quite as blazing, it certainly is a relief to know that team is in there. great work holding up the side and thinking extra happy patriots thoughts for a defeated dav this week, kids. i promise i’ll do my part for sunday. in fact, i’ve started all ready!
so – altogether now: happy patriots thoughts, have a great week, and go pats!

love dav

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