Sunday, October 26, 2014


hey kids-
there’s a dance that goes with all those las, but consider yourselves lucky you can’t see it. also consider yourselves lucky if you saw any of the patriots game against the bears, because it was holy freaking awesome.
it’s my favorite time of year, when tom brady dons his doofy hat and then puts up a performance that defies anyone to make fun of him. there was A LOT of defiance going on today, with our fearless quarterback going 30 for 35 for 354 yards. he also threw five touchdowns. FIVE TOUCHDOWNS. i really just want to say it one more time. tom brady threw five touchdowns!!! apparently this was the eighth best game of his career, which makes us very very very spoiled fans. here he is, celebrating in the tradition of a long line of bradys before him. and i was embarrassed about my dance!

our team looked good on both sides of the ball today, with some exciting performance by some new(ish) faces. on offense, rookie jonas grey – or little dude as he was called by me – took over running back duties admirably, while defensive cornerback brandon browner showed why the patriots signed him with some big breakups and batdowns. still, there’s no way you’re going to throw five touchdowns and not get the award named for you, so this week’s tommy goes to tom brady. games like this have me skipping for joy, too, tommy!

we play denver next week, kids, and our boys have certainly delivered on that momentum for which i was hoping. after last year’s miracle comeback, the broncos should be more fierce than ever – along with momentum, we’re going to need some big plays. a little bad weather and a lot of happy patriots thoughts can’t hurt – so start thinking yours right now, and i’ll start doing my nor’easter dance. please avert your eyes.
have a great week, and go pats!

love dav

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