Monday, October 13, 2014


hey kids-

the patriots won! my mom would tell you i complained about being bored for the whole first half of this game, but she’s a liar. this game was super awesome and exciting and i totally love winning. at least that’s how i remember it!

tom brady’s on fi-yah (fi-yah, fi-yah) and had his best game of the season, racking up four touchdowns and 361 yards. while i never ever take a win for granted, brady seems to own the bills, and the second half of this game almost felt like one of those games of keep away big brothers play with little brothers (or in my case, tall boyfriends play with short girlfriends). tommy would be the big brother or the tall boyfriend in this situation if there was any confusion. yeah... i kinda lost the thread on this one.

in any case, there were solid performances on both side of the ball again this week, and it’s heartening to see the pats playing with a little passion and pride. both of new kids caught touchdowns and jamie collins had another big game, but the totw is going to brandon lafell. he’s been making steady progress since joining the offense, and it culminated with 97 yards and two touchdown receptions against the bills – including a super pretty 56 yarder that  made our fearless quarterback look like a superhero. nice work brandon! here he is getting some much earned tommylove as a reward. tommy looks as surprised that he can catch the ball as i was!

we play the jets on thursday night, and it’s the first of three (count em, three!) home games we have before heading into our bye. it’d be nice to get a little momentum going leading up to our prebye broncos battle, but it would be even nicer to beat the jets! think your happy patriots thoughts that the jets don’t pick this week to remember how to play football – and that the patriots don’t pick this week to forget now that they’re finally getting the hang of it.

have a great week, and go pats!

love dav

ps- my mom’s not a liar. i was totally bored during the first half of this game. sorry mom!

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