Monday, September 12, 2016


hey kids-

football is back - and so is your tommy of the week! it was a heart stopper in arizona last night, and while we may have been gronkless and bradyless, thanks to bill and the boys, we were never hopeless. holy patriots! we beat the cardinals!

someone asked me last night if i ever root for the underdog, just for a change - 'cause, you know, going into 9.5 point-favorite arizona without our starting qb, star tight end, and best defensive dude apparently still doesn't qualify us for underdog status. i couldn't really argue with her though. america tuned in to watch our hamstrung team get spanked on national tv. in the sweetest of ironies, they left deflated. 

the names and numbers may have been different, but they certainly looked like patriots out there. newbie chris hogan pulled in a 37-yard pass for the first touchdown of the season, and our old friend jules moved the chains every time we needed him, racking up 77 yards. our defense looked fierce even without ninkovich, and i can tell already i'm going to be learning these totw-contenders' names sooner than later! even gostkowski looked great - nailing three field goals, including the go-ahead late in the fourth quarter. 

still, it was all eyes on jimmy garoppolo on sunday night, and while he might not be a fearless quarterback quite yet, he certainly did an awesome imitation of one. the kid went 24 of 33 for 264 yards and a touchdown - and in his first nfl start, he earned his first tommy of the week. congrats, jimmy! you didn't just do your job - you did us proud!

we play the dolphins at home on sunday, and after last night, i'm probably the only person in america who's kind of nervous about it. still, the dolphins always play us hard, and their new coach seems pretty gutsy. this seems like a good opportunity to think your happy patriots thoughts a little early this week - just in case you're a little rusty. 

have a great week - and go pats!

love dav

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