Sunday, September 25, 2016


well kids-

i did not see that coming. our patriots looked freaking awesome against the houstons, even if our last quarterback standing got a little banged up in the process.

southern barbecue did better in his first nfl start than anticipated (by me) and even had 27-yard touchdown that was pretty darned impressive - and not just because our regular fearless quarterback runs like a lumbering ox. brissett wound up 11 of 19 for 103 yards, with a little assistance from edelman and amedola - but none from gronk, who finally showed up but was utterly useless. that's okay, gronk. i'm pretty useless when i'm hungover, too.

whatever bill said to our defense about checking out in the second half of last week's game worked, because the D came to play. not only did they shut out the houstons completely, but they also set up our offense with awesome field position thanks to an endless parade of turnovers. sheard sacked osweiller twice, both bolden and ebner forced fumbles, and jamie collins had an awesome interception he returned for six. our defense didn't score until week FIFTEEN last season, so collins is definitely getting this week's tommy. nice work, jamie! maybe that apple picking last sunday turned out to be good practice for this week's pick six!

my friend jeremy called this week to grouse at me for "beating his bills"- which i thought was a lovely vote of confidence since we don't play them until next sunday. i don't care which one of our ailing quarterbacks shows up to get the job done, as long as there's one more nail in rex ryan's coffin - and one more W to welcome back #12. think your happy patriots thoughts, kids, and i'll see you next sunday.

have a great week, and go pats!

love dav

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