Thursday, November 3, 2016


hey kids-

our patriots beat the bills so soundly that i'm not even going to gloat about it in the faces of those who might deserve it. you know who you are, will watson.

our fearless quarterback had a field day on sunday, going 22 of 33 for 315 yards and four touchdowns - making up that extra touchdown from last week just as i'd hoped. each of those touchdowns was thrown to a different receiver, which kind of made it feel like tommy was showing off...didn't it, will?

there were a lot of great performances in sunday's game, including gronk's record-breaking touchdown reception and adorable celebration bow, but i don't know how you throw four touchdowns and NOT get the award named after you. i suppose i'll reconsider if tommy starts making a habit of it, but for now, it merits the tommy of the week. i think i made the right choice. what do you think, will?

we're on the bye this week, which should give me enough time to process my feelings about the departure of jamie collins. our next game is the following sunday night against the seahawks, and serendipitously i won't be in portland.... i'll be coming to you LIVE from new york!!! (come to new york, will!) you should know by now that i'll probably be too drunk to think many happy patriots thoughts while i'm there, so start building up the supply right now. the only thing i hate more than losing is doing it on national tv - and in front of a bunch of jets and giants fans!

have a great week, and a great week after that, and i'll catch up with you all next time from the upper west side. go pats!

love dav

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