Monday, November 28, 2016


well kids,

that was a lot more difficult than was necessary. remember last year when we were playing like gangbusters, and then right at the end of the season, it kinda seemed like we gave up? and it was like, really? we're not going to win EITHER of these end of season games to clinch home field advantage which will definitely come back to bite us in the ass - which it totally did? it feels like that's happening again, and it's not even december. 

our fearless quarterback racked up his 200th career win, but he did not look his best while doing it. i think tommy may have been a little more injured than he let on, and he looked pretty terrible pretty much every time he took the field. he wound up 30/50 (which is way too many) for 286 yards (which is satisfactory to me) and two touchdowns (which is better than zero but not as good as four). in the spirit of thanksgiving, i'm just gonna be grateful for the win.

i'm also grateful for our defense, which is totally reowned this week, kids - and just in the nick of time. with a gimpy tommy, a punctured gronk, and tragically broken stephen goskowski, we needed some help with this one, and the defense came up with some key turnovers. both malcolm butler and chris long forced fumbles - with butler's resulting in a field goal and long's resulting in the end of the game. while they were equally important, timing is everything, and chris' strip-sack comeback-squashing fumble earns the totw. no really, it was the fumble. not the tattoos. i swear! i learned that lesson the hard way.

we're up against the rams on sunday morning, kids, and i don't think it matter that they're in la and not st. louis - we're still gonna squash them! think your happy patriots thoughts that we *finally* win by 63, and i'll tell you all about it next time.

have a great week, and go pats!

love dav

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