Sunday, November 20, 2016


hey kids-

running late this week, so this'll be short, but not so sweet. the patriots lost to the seahawks, marking the third straight game i've watched in new york in which we lost. i'm going to have to start taking this trip in february.

i'm told it was a good game, but after having beer spilled upon me by three different dudes at the gin mill, i couldn't have cared less. i was ready to go home in the third quarter, and didn't really care if we won or lost. our fearless quarterback went 23 of 32 for 316 yards and no touchdowns. i honestly could not care less.

our defense is officially disowned, and i'm giving the tommy of the week to legarrette blount for his three touchdowns. bennett did have 102 yards, but since we lost, they're pretty much meaningless. actually, all of this was pretty much meaningless. so, congrats on your meaningless award, legarrette.

we play san francisco this afternoon, and to be honest, i really don't care. if you do, think your happy patriots thoughts and i guess we'll see what happens.
have a great sunday, and go pats i guess.

love dav

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