Friday, October 12, 2018


hey kids-

our patriots looked good against the colts - even if they were gimpy and, well, the colts. with a couple of tough games on the horizon, we'll take the win and be happy for it.

we'll also be happy for our fearless quarterback - who had an awesome game that included his 500th career touchdown pass. tommy wound up 34 of 44 and three touchdown passes - plus one hilarious touchdown "rush" arm extension. congratulations, tommy! happily, jules was on hand to congratulate him, too.

technically speaking, this week's totw should be awarded to patrick chung after i called him out by name for no interceptions last week and he answered that call with an interception this week. patrick does get honorable mention, but there's no way tommy's getting four touchdowns - including his career 500th - and not getting the award named after him. sorry patrick- but you're not the first to learn that when you're competing against tommy brady, you really have to up your game. tommy's 500th was a dramatic jump ball to the end zone - and josh gordon really made it look way too easy. thanks for putting that look on our qb's face, josh - and thanks for putting it on ours 500 times, tommy!

we have a huge test on sunday night football this week, taking on the undefeated chiefs. the chiefs have been known to embarrass us on the national stage, so think your happy patriots thoughts that our team has made as much progress in the last 10 days as they did the 10 before. having to listen to chris collinsworth is torture enough without adding losing on top of it!

have a great week, and go pats.

love dav

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