Monday, October 1, 2018


hey kids-

what a relief! you may have noticed there was no totw last week, and that's because no one deserved it after an ugly, ugly loss to the lions. this week, we not only beat the dolphins, but we showed a glimmer of the team we could become - and it was almost as beautiful as my sister in her fairytale wedding dress!

our fearless quarterback never plays his best against miami, and this game was no exception. he did go a respectable 23 of 35 for 274 yards and three touchdown, but there were also two interceptions. exhale, tommy. your blankie is back and will be all warmed up for you on thursday.

i have so much to say about this game, starting with helloooooooo josh gordon. please stay sober. also- yay sony mitchell, whom i one-single-time called "son" (as in go-son-go-son-go!) and inadvertently offended the african american dude sitting next to me. also also, does anyone else think matt patricia secretly coached our defense before they left ford field last weekend? 

there are so many tommy contenders this week, i wish i could reappropriate last week's and give this week's twice. props to patterson for the prettiest and to dorset for the clutchiest catches of the game - and honorable mention to james white - whom i multiple times called "white" and did not inadvertently offend the african american dude sitting next to me. nevertheless, i'm giving the totw to trey flowers. i know this will be controversial- mostly because i barely found a single photo of him from yesterday's game. i also know our defense looked solid against houston, then flowers got hurt and we looked anemic against jacksonville and detroit. upon his return, we once again looked solid against the undefeated dolphins and came within two minutes of a shutout. i suspect that a healthy flowers simply means everyone around him can go back to doing their jobs, but that kind of makes him one of the lynch pins of our defense. yes, i know the same could be said for chung, but i'm pretty clear with our secondary: no interception, no totw! anyway, congrats, trey flowers, on your first and probably only totw. surprisingly, we missed you!

quick turn around hosting the colts on thursday night - and i'd say something about bringing your football-pressure-measurers or getting mcdaniels a ponyproof vest, but i'm just too giddy about julian to bother. maybe it's just me, but these four games felt wayyyyy worse than the four when tommy was suspended. bring on the edel-man!

have a great week, and go pats!

love dav

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