Wednesday, October 24, 2018


well, kids -

there are a whole slew of reasons for which i'm delighted to report that the patriots beat the bears: i really thought we'd lose to either the chiefs or the bears, so another win gives us a buffer in case we lose to green bay; we really needed a win on the road; and winning is just so much happier than losing.

our fearless qb might not have mitch trubisky's legs, but luckily for us, he has tom brady's arm. tommy wound up 25 of 36 for 277 yards and three touchdowns - along with another interception that we're not counting because it wasn't his fault. yes, i know real life doesn't work like that, but this is my made-up award, which means i make up the rules. tommy approves.

it was a sloppy and dramatic game with lots of turnovers and unusual exciting plays on both sides of the ball. on our side, our defense managed to pull down two interceptions and our special teams not only blocked a punt and returned it for a touchdown but also regular returned a punt for a touchdown. on top of that, josh gordon racked 100 receiving yards and james white had two touchdowns. i'm not sure who should get the totw, but i'm giving it to trent brown. yeah, you heard me. not only do i know the names of offensive linemen, but i also know that they were supposed to have their hands full with some dude called khalil mack. mack may have turned up a little gimpy, but it didn't help that trent brown steam-rolled him pretty much all day long, protecting tommy's blindside and keeping him (mostly) off his butt. bravo, trent brown. now everybody knows your name!

our erratic schedule continues on monday night versus the bills - and i don't think the patriots really do trap games, but this could definitely be one of them. we're at buffalo, so think your happy patriots thoughts that this game isn't any harder than it has to be and our winning streak on the road extends - to two!

have a great week, and go pats.

love dav

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