Wednesday, January 16, 2019


well kids-

it turns out tom brady isn't quite dead yet after all. annoyingly, our patriots looked good enough on sunday to reignite my hope and extinguish the chargers all in a matter of three and a half hours. now we have to wait all the way til sunday to see what happens next. hope is the worst.

depending upon whom you believe, tommy was either dealing with an mcl sprain (say the sportsreporters) or playing possum with the nfl so he could unleash his fury on the unsuspecting afc west at exactly the right moment (says me). that fury was released to the thundering tune of 34 of 44 completed passes, 343 yards, and one touchdown. here he is, breathing fire and trying to decide whom to slay next. somebody point that boy toward the chiefs! 

it's super happy news when your biggest problem after a playoff game is picking which player most deserves the totw. our defensive stop-the-pass guys chased after philip rivers in a way a guy with eight kids probably hasn't been pursued in quite a while, while our defensive stop-the-run/catch/points must have misheard "charge" for "charger" and put the endzone on lockdown. on the other side of the ball, sony michel proved he's really mastered this whole "do your job" concept, racking up 129 yards and three touchdowns, while jules made up for missing last years' playoffs with 151 yards all in one game. since this one was a team effort (and quite possibly the best all year), the totw goes to tommy. i'm tired of writing this, so that's all i have to say about it.

we play kansas city on sunday, and between the weather and the chiefs' offense, we're going to need a lot more fire-breathing on all fronts if we want to play football in february. since february is obvious the best time to play football, cross your fingers that our patriots are ready to take this tommy resurrection tour on the road.

have a great week, and go pats.

love dav

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