Monday, September 9, 2019


hey kids-

football is back and that means so am i, with your (semi)regularly scheduled tommy of the week. i'd say our patriots are back, too, but honestly, it kinda looked like they didn't go anywhere. they may have made a few dropoffs and pickups after the super bowl, but that bus appears to have kept right on rolling, putting our boys in mid-season form on opening night. however, after 20 seasons of watching this team play, i can tell you this has happened before, so i'm trying not to get to excited - or cocky - about it, even if there are few things better than beating the steelers on sunday night football.

our fearless quarterback had plenty of reasons to be both excited and cocky last night - not the least of which is that his bad haircut finally grew out and he no longer looks like a skeleton. also, he went 24 of 36 for 341 yards and had three touchdowns - including two looooooong and glorious passes that were definitely intended to send a message - in case you're looking for something more substantial than his haircut. either way, tommy looked sharp, and the only cliff in sight is that one off which he yanked his daughter in costa rica. (everyone's knocking wood here, right?)

the rest of the team looked equally impressive, with our defense seeming to have settled on three as the exact number of points they're going to allow since it worked so successfully for them in the super bowl. just in case that plan doesn't work out, our offense looks pretty intent on giving them some wiggle room - with jules running around being jules (and, on one play, tommy), dorsett acting like a deep threat, and josh gordon laaaaaaaaaaaaaa. it was an all around great performance from everyone, and after 12 years of totws, you should know what that means! the tommy of the week's going to tom brady. our fearless quarterback doesn't seem to have lost a step - much less any of the leadership, competitiveness, and general roguish charm that inspired this award to be created so long ago. here's to another great season, tommy! work that magic just a little longer....

we play the miami dolphins *not* in foxborough next week - because apparently along with ousting the superbowl champs from opening the nfl season, this 100 years of nfl celebration includes frozen fish on the menu in december. think your happy patriots thought we avoid the double curse of playing in miami and playing against a former coordinator, and i'll catch you back here after our boys catch the dolphins.

have a great week and go pats!

love dav

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