Monday, September 30, 2019


well kids, 

it wasn't pretty, but we made it through our third consecutive divisional game with another win, so i'm not complaining. we can't beat everyone by 20 points...though it's a lot nicer when we do!

our offense just couldn't get into a groove on sunday, in part because of buffalo's amazing defense and in part because of our broken receiving corp and possibly broken but nevertheless fearless quarterback. tommy's calf may have been aggravating him as much as the bills' secondary, and he went just 18 of 39 for a measly 150 yards and no touchdowns and one totally-had-it-coming interception. tommy wasn't any happier about it than i was, but at least it's over.

you shouldn't be surprised that both dev and jamie collins each got another interception in this game - and jc jackson got two! he also blocked a punt that our special teams returned for a touchdown - making up for the one they cost us last week. it's nice when the outcome of the game doesn't rest entirely on tommy's aging shoulders, and this team seems particularly inclined to carry their fair share and then some. after the game, devin mccourty pondered which award jackson should get and said, "they've got to make up some kind of award. i don't know if it's defensive player of the week or special teams. they need to do some type of combo." it's called the totw, dev, and jackson's definitely getting it! congrats to jc for being our third best receiver of the game.

we're on the road again on sunday against the redskins, who currently have zero wins. we currently have zero losses, so start thinking your happy patriots thoughts that everyone maintains the status quo so we can all go home happy. 

have a great week, and go pats!

love dav

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